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Who Are We?

The idea behind our Company has always been to make innovative solutions more availablenot only for professionals, but above all for patients. Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we are constantly providing new solutions for diagnosis and treatment.

testy diagnostyczne


We specialise in treatment support products as well as rapid diagnostic tests for patients and professionals. Our product range is regularly expanded to meet the requirements of each individual.

We offer a whole range of tests for professionals, from pregnancy test, antigen detection tests, all the way to specialised tests responding to the current global situation – COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. With patients in mind, we have developed a whole line of medical self-test kits, such as an innovative VITAMIN D TEST, TSH TEST, FERRITIN TEST.

Extensive Product Range

Our portfolio includes products for people with insulin resistance and diabetes.We offer high-end glucometers and cholesterol meters. Our glucometers allow for quick and painless glucose monitoring. Their characteristics comprise intuitive operation and ease of use.

During periods of lowered immunity, after antibiotic therapy and during gastrointestinal infections, patients may benefit from our probiotics. These contain live bacterial strains suitable for children and adults.

Innovation, professionalism and knowledge are our strengths with which we can meet patients’ expectations.

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